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Texas allergy sufferer dealing with cedar fever.

It’s that time of year again. Here’s how to deal with Cedar Fever.

One day you feel fine, and as soon as the weather changes, you feel sick, again! As warmer air moves in from the south, it may be bringing the reason you feel sick – pollen from Mountain Cedar. When Mountain Cedar blooms in the hill country, the pollen catches a ride up north on warm air during mild winter weather.

Allergies can bring on infection, fever, and symptoms that feel as bad as a cold. If you are suffering with these symptoms, ask yourself a few questions related to allergies:

  • "Have you had these symptoms for more than a week?"
  • "Have you had these symptoms recur on a regular basis?"
  • "Did you have them last winter and the winter before?"

Cedar may be what's irritating your throat, making you congested and tired with a low-grade fever. That's generally what Cedar Fever is, and with the pollen counts that we have in Dallas, it’s very possible for you to experience Cedar Fever. And it can feel worse than a cold.

If you think you're suffering from allergies, using an air purifier at home can help. Saline sprays and nasal washes can also offer relief. If those remedies don’t work, Dr. Pandit recommends starting over-the-counter allergy medicines. And, if you feel really bad, or course, come in to see Dr. Pandit to make sure it's not a virus or an infection.


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