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Celon Treatment for Snoring and Congestion

Celon treatment helps couples get sleep back.

Are you suffering from nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, snoring, and other painful sinus symptoms? Many other Americans struggle with sinus pain that is caused by enlarged turbinates obstructing the nasal passage. No one should have to feel stuffy, stopped up, or be forced to listen to a snoring spouse. Celon treatment for snoring and congestion can help combat snoring at the source, the enlarged turbinates.

What is an Enlarged Turbinate?

When air enters the nose, it first encounters the turbinates. The turbinates help move air through the nose. When your nose is stuffy and congested or you are experiencing snoring, it may be due to your turbinates being swollen and enlarged. This could be caused by many different things such as allergies, deviated septum, infection, and more. Those suffering from enlarged turbinates may be experiencing a range of symptoms like:

  • Snoring
  • Nasal congestion
  • Runny nose
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Difficulty smelling
  • Pressure

For those who qualify, Celon turbinate reduction may be able to ease many or all of these painful symptoms.

How can Celon treatment stop my snoring?

The Celon procedure treats the irritated and enlarged turbinates that may be causing your snoring and nasal congestion. This simple procedure is done with radiofrequency and it is done in the office setting. A small wand will administer the Celon treatment in your nose and remove some of the enlarged turbinates. Following the removal, scar tissue will form. The Celon treatment will create better airflow and ease of breathing for nasal congestion and snoring suffers.

What are the benefits of the Celon treatment?

The Celon Treatment for snoring and congestion has many benefits for sufferers, especially compared to more invasive nasal procedures and surgeries. This simple procedure has been known to help many sinus pain sufferers. For true congestion and snoring sufferers, the benefits of Celon include:

  • Reduced snoring
  • Improved ability to breathe through the nose
  • Done in office
  • Takes very little time
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Little to no pain
  • Turbinates can return to normal function
  • And more

For patients who receive the Celon treatment, they will be happy to know that for most patients recovery is quick and painless. For a short period, the ability to breathe through the nose may feel slightly worse. Following this period of only a week or two, patients should expect to see significant nasal improvement from their Celon treatment.

Celon Treatment at Dallas ENT

Dallas ENT is prepared to combat all of our patients’ sinus and snoring symptoms with a unique treatment plan. No two sinus or snoring sufferers are the same and some patients will need different treatment or procedures depending on the severity of their symptoms. Whether or not Celon treatment is for you, Dallas ENT is dedicated to finding the right ear, nose, and throat treatment for all patients.

Learn more about snoring treatment

Are you ready to see if the Celon treatment for snoring and congestion is right for you? Call Dallas ENT today!


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