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Can you tell the difference between summer colds and an ENT problem?

The Inside Scoop on Summer Colds: Deciphering the Differences

FINALLY summer is here-right? And you and your family are probably looking forward to some sun and fun. However, Murphy’s Law being what it is, you find yourself of someone in your family down for the count with a fever, runny nose and an all-around miserable feeling.

Is it a summer cold? Seasonal Allergies? Respiratory infection? Let’s take a look at the differences.

Woman in bed suffering from a summer cold

With both colds and allergies, you’re likely to have post-nasal drip, scratchy throat, headache, and congestion. Fever and body aches? You’ll find those with colds very often, but not with allergies. With colds, as opposed to allergies, your mucus production will more likely be cloudy or discolored as opposed to allergy symptoms where it would be clearer.

Upper respiratory infections are common culprits as well and are caused by a viral infection that typically can last from 3-14 days. Allergies will remain as long as you are exposed to the pollens or allergy trigger that you are especially affected by.

Allergies left untreated can definitely spike depending on the climate and season when certain plants and trees are blooming, or heavy rains or humidity send grass and molds into high gear. Top those allergies off WITH a common cold and feeling better turns out to be a case of later rather than sooner.

If you’re feeling like a summer cold is what’s got you down, over the counter treatments can offer some relief along with a fever reducer, steamy showers to open up nasal passages, a little “Mother Nature’s sunshine,” plenty of fluids and as much rest as possible.

If your fever persists or your symptoms just won’t go away, it’s time to get in to see the doctor to rule out sinus infection, respiratory distress, or underlying allergies that can be easily treated and have you back to enjoying your summertime.

Feel like it might be time for YOU or a family member to get in for a visit? No problem! Call our office today at 214-946-3687 for a convenient appointment. We’re here to help you feel BETTER!


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